Thursday 6th April 2017

2017 Council Election - West Country and Gwent

One of the council seats for the West Country constituency will become vacant with effect from the AGM (6 July) as Helen Davies has indicated that she wishes to stand down.  This will create a casual vacancy as Helen’s term was due to expire in 2018.  Below is a timetable for the election process.  
Preliminary notice of Council elections on website                           Mon 10 April 2017
Last day for receipt of nominations                                                          Wed 10 May 2017 (5pm)
Last day for receipt of candidate statements & photographs       Mon 15 May 2017 (5pm)
Despatch of voting papers                                                                           Mon 5 June 2017
Close of voting                                                                                                  Mon 26 June (12 noon)
If you have any questions regarding the elections please do not hesitate to contact Sue Sutcliffe via the below details:
Sue Sutcliffe
Governance Administrator, Governance Team
The Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PL
t: 020 7316 5674 x4575
f: 020 7316 5770

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